These photos were taken in early August in Haliburton, not too far from Carnarvon.

The body of water is Kushog Lake. There’s a rule of thumb often used in art and in particular photography called the “Rule of Thirds.” It is a pretty handy composition device. In most landscapes one would put the horizon either 1/3 of the way down or 1/3 of the way up of the image. However, for reflections like this, dividing the frame in half tends tends to work.

The second is image is of the Milky Way. Normally, one would have a foreground element, but in this case I either didn’t stay up late enough so as the earth turns it would be lower in the sky or my location selection just wasn’t ideal. In any case this is one of my first attempts at astrophotography. The streaks in the sky are not shooting stars. I fear they are probably Starlink satellites.