I’m doing something different tonight. I’m actually posting photos I shot today. The leaves are really beginning to turn; I said beginning so there is still a lot of green to be seen. I wanted to post the shots today to illustrate the impact and usefulness of polarizer filters. In my opinion, a polarizer is essential for landscape photography, especially in the autumn. If you’ve ever worn sunglasses with polarized lenses you’ll understand how much clarity you gain by wearing them. What a polarizing filter does, when adjusted correctly is remove reflections and therefore increases saturation. On a sunny day with the sun at right angles to you, skies are bluer. The polarizer removes glare and reflections. I will show before and after photos and the effect is very evident.

This morning I went to Sydenham lookout in Dundas. I went to the Bruce trail along the lookout. It was raining, therefore, the trail was quite slippery. Dressed in hiking shoes and a water resistant coat I carried my backpack with a couple of lenses and filters as well as my Nikon Z8 with its 24-70mm f/2.8 lens around my neck and in my coat. I also had a K&F magnetic polarizer on the lens.

I wasn’t just photographing to show the effects of polarizer filters. Unfortunately I photographed a poor example of humans on the trail. And my nemesis, poison ivy. Years ago as a young lad I spent a week in isolation in the hospital because of poison ivy. I had a severe reaction to the urishiol found on poison ivy. I’m also allergic to cashews and mangos, both of which I loved, but now they are a danger to me.