About a week and a half ago, I thought I’d try my hand at some wildlife photography. At the club I belong to, there are a lot of bird and wildlife photographers and they do shoot some nice images. They’re very close and sharp and a few of the images are (to me) even interesting. I don’t have the exotic lenses that a wildlife or bird photographer have, nor am I sure that I’d want to really commit to that genre, but what the heck why not try to photograph some birds.

The biggest challenges were: 1) getting the focus settings dialled in correctly and when that was done, focussing was fast and accurate; 2) predicting what the birds would be doing and when it would make for an interesting photos; and 3) having patience.

I learned a few things: 1) this is actually fun; 2) looking at the images of the geese as a flock you can see fascinating things about how they fly; 3) trying to predict what they’ll do is a fun challenge and rewarding when you capture images you like.