I took these photos at the section of the Bruce Trail between Britannia Road and Twiss Road. I went there in the early afternoon around 1:30 pm on September 30, the sun higher than I would’ve liked, but I think these photos do work.

It had been awhile since I walked this section of the trail. I forgot about the bridge crossing Bronte Creek, the evidence of autumn scattered along its span. The trees were already beginning to turn although there were still a lot of trees with their leaves still green.

Across the bridge, amongst the shadow of the trees I came across shafts of light and I saw a spotlight amongst a cluster of trees. Thoughts of The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit danced in my head as I recalled the story of the trolls that Bilbo came across (as did Frodo and his companions, but when they saw the trolls they were already stone…)

Looking overhead there were of course deciduous trees, and on this one, the light backlight some of the verdant leaves, creating a glow and illuminating their spines.

Pulling to see the trees aglow with the afternoon sunlight.

Then on the forest floor, dark though it may be, there is still life among old leaves of past autumns and the new fall.

Back to Bronte Creek, the sun starts its descent, fall making its appearance. The leaves of the trees a palette of autumn.

And finally, a last look at the bridge and the creek.