Will everything be anchored by the date of the eclipse?

The Saturday before the eclipse I found myself in Toronto. I started my morning in the Distillery District and ended my afternoon at Dundas Square. In my “street photography” state, I used my Leica Q2, a fixed lens compact digital camera.

The morning light was amazing after sunrise. The sun, low in the sky created long shadows with while the light was warm in colour if not in temperature. I was not the only one capturing the light. I met an artist, Sima Fisher. We talked about the quality of the light, the lines and patterns of the buildings and Christmas lights that had remained up at the Distillery. She willingly posed for a few pictures that morning.

After the Distillery District I headed up to Dundas Square where I was hoping to photograph a political event. Alas I was late and so I missed it. But up in that area, there are always interesting people to photograph.