It has been awhile since I went to Little Italy to photograph procession. The last time I went was before Covid with the Toronto Film Shooters’ group. This year I went with Olivia Bellot, a UK A-level student. She is taking photography and while visiting Toronto, she wanted to take a few courses from LPC, including one on street photography. She wanted to shoot in the style of Bruce Gilden and I thought it would be fun.

I used my Lecia Q2 in manual mode and mounted a manual only flash. The nice thing about the Q2 is its leaf shutter so I could sync the flash at 1/2000s without resorting to a special high-speed sync mode. This enabled me to control the background exposure. As the flash was on manual, I did a couple of test exposures to dial in the f-stop and then made sure I was roughly the same distance from each subject for each photo. Hope you like the results.