I’m shooting a lot more recently, prompted by more events to cover this year, a photo teaching gig, some gear changes (hint: fully back into Nikon with their mirrorless system), and joining a camera club. I’ll discuss more about each of theses over the coming days.

I plan to upload one or more photos a day that will have been shot within the prior two or three weeks to the day. Taking and posting a photo every day would eat into much of my time and during the week other priorities take precedent. However, on weekends and even Thursdays and Fridays I do hope to shoot more often and prepare these daily posts.

I took these photos in mid-September. We were visiting a friend in Collingwood and I was hoping to catch the sunrise on Georgian Bay. It was an interesting morning as the road to get to the beach was closed to all but local traffic. In an unrelated matter, a man was also missing from a wedding the previous evening and I was asked by an OPP officer if I saw a man wearing a black suit wandering around. Hi name was Cory. I hadn’t. Anyway back to the images… It was partially cloudy so I didn’t get to see the sunrise in all its glory, but I did capture some of the blue hour. Some people who’ve seen the photos found the image of just the water calming so I made it the featured image.