I started the day hoping to take some landscape (lakescape?) photos at the beach. I had seen the shore from the top of Craigleith Ski Club and intrigued by the possibilities of catching some windswept photos of Georgian Bay. Little did I expect to photograph what I did that morning.

I was taking photos of the lakeshore (photos in a future post) noting a car in the parking lot. Thinking nothing of it, I proceeded to the lake capturing images of trees, ice, the bay, etc. Behind me events unfolded as another vehicle arrived and was ensnared by the snow and ice in the “No Winter Maintenance” parking lot at Northwinds Beach.

With some time on my hands and the possibility of meeting some interesting people, I decided to help them and after some snow clearing with make-shift-shovel-ice-scapers and good ole’ pushing and rocking, the vehicle was freed from the clutches of winter.

Why were they there? Was it to photograph the cold, icy, shore as I had? Maybe use the beach as a starting point to cross country ski along the Georgian trail? Wrong on both counts, they were there to take a dip in Georgian Bay!

I asked if I could photograph them and they agreed. They were certainly much braver than I, as I would not go want to go in, but I would certainly record the memories in the digital ether.

Thanks for a making a good day great and memorable. Hopefully we keep in touch. The offer to photograph other events, even outdoor ones in -5C weather on the beach still stands.

Many thanks to Kathy, Donna, and Bernard!