I think this is the longest gap between postings since the start of my 365 day project. Well, I hope this one is a bit of a treat. Today I exposed a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X black and white film and processed them.

The first roll was started about two weeks ago, just before the Thanksgiving weekend. I took these images on the Nikon FM2 and a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF (naturally manually focussed.)

Dad giving a hand with Thanksgiving dinner.

Three cousins – good times!

Hibiscus. Shallow depth-of-field when the 50mm Nikkor f/1.8 lens is shot wide open.


The second roll was exposed in a 1952 or 1953 Leica IIIF with a 50mm Summitar lens. This is a beautiful camera built with German Leica craftsmanship using the finest materials of the time. It is in mint++ condition. I’ll review that camera another time. This was a test roll and the results are impressive. A friend of mine lent the camera to me for as long as I want to use it. I had some initial problems loading the camera, but other than that it works smoothly and accurately.

Waiting for the chipmunk to show itself. The cut sunflowers a week old


Both rolls were processed in HC110 using dilution B and processed for 7 1/2 minutes.