Compared to last week, this week’s walk in the Dundas Valley was more colourful. As the number of cooler days increased this week, the leaves are changing colour and falling more rapidly.

Today I used the Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the triumvirate of zooms XF 10-24mm, XF-16-55mm and the XF 50-200mm. I chose the Fujifilm over the Leica because of the variety of focal lengths. I knew that I would want extremes that aren’t available (affordably available) from Leica, but also had image stabilization (however, not in the 16-55mm) since I knew I’d be hand holding at some slower speeds as I stopped down for greater depth-of-field.

Sassafras leaves look like three fingered mittens.
Martin Road narrows as it goes through the woods.

Orange leaves on a vine climbing up a birch tree.
Red leaves from a birch(?) tree.
A giant wishbone.
Ferns along the forest floor.
Fungus clinging to bark.
This year’s leaves in the mix with leaves from seasons past.