Today is my last day in Switzerland and I’m spending it solo in Zurich. It is a collection of street photos I shot throughout the afternoon and evening.

Like most major cities, Zurich has a lot of tourists, but also amongst the visitors the locals also live. In the aldstadt where there are many retail shops and restaurants along a few major streets, there are also quieter streets where the populace sleep, work, and play. This is evidenced by the surprising number of children who were in my photos. I’m certainly not selling these, and in all cases I made eye contact and smiled (and they smiled back) at the parents and caregivers of the children. [None of these photos with children or not, where peoples likeness is evident is available for commercial purposes.]

I also shot a few thematic images: e-bikes in Zurich, what lies behind courtyards as seen by half open courtyard, and commuter cyclists.

The restaurant car on the Brig to Zurich HB train.
Cafe on a street in Zurich, with the baby in a carriage and friends smoking.
Single diners in a cafe in Zurich. I’m channeling Edward Hopper.
Pre-schoolers in Zurich.
Young couple in Zurich.
What’s up in the sky in Zurich.
A unusually hot August afternoon in Zurich
On the smartphone at a cafe in Zurich.
The toy museum in Zurich
Inside the Leica store in Zurich.
Taking centre stage at Paradeplatz in Zurich.
By the Limmat River in Zurich.
On the scooter with mom
Window shutters.
Leading to a street of retail and dining in Zurich.
Commuters heading to the restaurant district in the late day sun in Zurich.
Deep in thought and reading on her smartphone in Zurich.
The black poodle vs the lioness tattoo.
Commuting home (and wearing a helmet!) in Zurich.
Why wear a helmet if you’re wearing flip-flops in Zurich.
Walking her bike on the sidewalk in Zurich.
Talking on her smartphone in Zurich.
An early dinner at a Zurich cafe.
The courtyard behind the door in Zurich.
A rainbow of cables.
E-bike appear hapharzardly on Zurich streets.
Kids cooling off in Zurich water fountains.
The courtyards behind the doors in Zurich.
The courtyards behind the doors in Zurich.
Bored with mom and grandparents in Zurich.
Keeping away from Zurich tourists.
The bent church spire at Grossmunster Cathedral in Zurich.
Another random e-bike parked at Grossmunster Cathedral in Zurich.
Better than a selfie in Zurich.
Who the hell are Dean & Dan and why are they dissing Canada in Zurich? Their hats sell for CHF 150!
A Zurich spice shop.
One of the umbiquitous potable water spouts in Zurich (and in Switzerland.) The kids aren’t swimming in this one.
Checking out messages and clearing her lungs with a cigarette in Zurich.
Walking into the light in Zurich.
Untitled in Zurich.
“It’s there.” in Zurich.
No helmets are the norm for most commuters around the world.
Evening dining in Zurich.