I have been trying to find cheaper ways to shoot film. For 35mm I can by 100ft bulk film and roll my own cassettes. For 120, I found an inexpensive source by there are several films that I wanted to compare. My tried and true film, Kodak TMax 400 is a nice, very fine grained and sharp film for the speed, but it’s pricey. Today I tested Rollei Retro 400s which I’ve used several times in 35mm and Fomapan 400.

I went out in the late morning after the rain had fallen and walked along a short distance of the Bruce Trail north of Britannia Road in Lowville. I loaded the two films in a pair of A12 backs and switched them when I was shooting. I kept the exposure the same between the two rolls and the same bracketing, lens, position, etc. The camera, my Hasselblad 500 C/M was mounted on a tripod.

I developed both rolls in the same tank using HC110 at 6.5 minutes. I found that both rolls ended early and I wasn’t able to get the full 12 shots on either film.

The images are below.

This tree was fascinating to me as it split near the base and the branches extended horizontally. Two of the larger branches then bend upward at a right angle. It will be interesting to check this tree out again in the summer and in the fall.

Rollei Retro 400s, Hasselblad 500CM, HC110 6.5 min


I came across a lot of Ontario’s flower, the trillium, during my walk on the trail. The trillium’s are a brilliant white on the green and brown floor of the forest.

Rollei Retro 400s, Hasselblad 500CM, HC110 6.5 min


There wasn’t too much on the spring ground aside from trilliums and fungus growing on fallen trees along the trail.

Rollei Retro 400s, Hasselblad 500CM, HC110 6.5 min


In a few places I did spot grass, like these growing next to a moss covered stump.

Fomapan 400, Hasselblad 500CM, HC-110 6.5 min