Thirty-seven days into my project and one of the things that I’ve learned is that, for me anyways, it hasn’t meant shooting a lot of pictures to create an image, or even images, that I’m willing to show and share with people. I thought I’d be taking a lot of pictures of random stuff, but the quantity has been much less than I was expecting. The randomness of the images is there, but it hasn’t felt to me that I’ve been making boring images. For sure some of my subjects, if not most of them, have been of the everyday, the ordinary, the banal. I hope, however, that the way I put these objects/subjects within the photographic frame, within context and in relation to other objects makes the images interesting. Often the objects are not the subject, but instead they serve as a metaphor, a representation of an emotion or feeling or intellectualization of something within my actual or vicarious experiences. The characteristics of light, shape, color, texture, pattern, line or some combination of these elements within the photographs and their placement or arrangement within the pictures create a stronger message to those with whom I show and share my photos.

A wreath stands apart at a cemetary in Burlington during an evening in early spring.