Monday was a Fuji digital camera day and it was a bright, sunny, end-of-winter day. I wasn’t sure how busy I would be at lunch and if I’d be able to get away for a photowalk. There was an opportunity to shoot an uncommon subject this morning. The windows on the tower were cleaned this morning resulting in this shot.

Window washer cleaning the office windows thrity-one stories up in TD Centre.

I was able to walk around at lunch. I tried “shooting from the hip about two-thirds of the time and the photos were either mis-aimed or out of focus. It’s a technique I will not be using too often in the future. Fortunately I did take some photos by actually looking through the viewfinder.

This cafe caught my eye because of all of the photographs on the wall. I initially thought it was a gallery or a retail store because there were framed pictures on shelves that ran up the wall. It turned out to be a Starbucks. The man on the left jumped out of the way after I took the first shot, but the second shot wasn’t as interesting with him out of it so I used the first one instead.

Not a gallery, but a Starbucks

Sometimes form is more important than colour in a picture; in other pictures, colour is very much part of the subject or is the subject. In these next two pictures, the colour plays a large role.

A Toronto street car also known as the Red Rocket.
Barrista Melisa.