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On this cold May morning of the 2015 edition of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Charlevoix I was fortunate to ride in one of the official cars with Rock (“as in rock and roll”) and Lyne Girard. Lyne is one of the commissaires of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Charlevoix. Rock, a volunteer for the last five years, was driving.

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The car offered a unique vantage point not only photographically, but also from understanding what was happening operationally during the race. There was constant measuring of time gaps, traffic control, and keeping track of which riders and teams were at the head of the course. Often I would take pictures to help identify riders versus taking them photos for their aesthetic value.

I also was able to see some of the tactic and strategy used by the teams in the lead group. Impressive to see was how the riders in the initial seven-man break comprised mainly of senior men worked together to extend their gap over the pack.

What was amazing to see was how Ottawa Bicycing Club junior men rider and eventual winner Derek Gee, left the pack, caught, and then dropped the seven-man breakaway. His riding up the first big climb to leave the group in Sainte-Irénée was very impressive.

Through some luck in location and timing, we drove by Lisa with around 12 km to go!

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I would like to thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to ride in the car and especially to Lyne and Paul.


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