Another 365 Project – Day 133

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Worked from home so no street photos today. I did, however, photograph in the backyard while grilling hamburgers for lunch.

The first three images are showing how change in aperture affects depth-of-field. The focus point is roughly the same in all three pictures — the leaves of the vine on camera left.

In the first picture taken at f/2, the background is a dreamy blur and little is readily identifiable. The clothesline isn’t even visible.

Taken at f/2. 50mm Summicron-M

The second image, I shot at f/8. With the deeper depth-of-field background objects are recognizable, but the main subject is still draws the attention of the viewer.

Taken at f/8. 50mm Summicron-M

Closing the lens down to f/16, the depth-of-field is deep enough that the background is clear. In fact a lower resolutions or magnifications, it’s not clear what the main subject is.

Taken at f/16. There’s some motion blur due because of the wind. 50mm Summicron-M

This image is of hostas that I’ve taken before. This time, however, I’m photographing them from above.

Hostas, again. 50mm Summicron-M

This petunia was sneaking in from the neighbours backyard.

Peek-a-boo. 50mm Summicron-M

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