Another 365 Project – Day 4

These images were shot yesterday on 4×5 FP4+ film. Based on my rules, I can post analog images up to a week after being shot. The digital images, I post them the same day.

As I stated in yesterday’s post, it was a very warm February day. I carried my Sinar f, a 4×5 view camera, with its 150mm f/5.6 Sironar-N. Back in the day this camera was found more often in the studio than in the field. I made six exposures, however, I mis-loaded one of the holders and I wasn’t able to reinsert the dark slide after taking the shot.

I processed the film using Rodinal diluted 1:50. The grain seemed okay, but I don’t really have anything to compare it against. Given the small degree of “enlargement” (2400 dpi), the grain is hardly noticeable. I scanned the negatives using the Epson V700 and Epson’s software creating jpegs. I used “Professional” mode and left the settings as is. I did not use digital ice to remove dust and scratches. I made all of the adjustments and dusted and spotted in Adobe Lightroom.

I photographed this image from a steep embankment. The creek was running deep and fast from the snow melt. I was drawn to the S-curve and the roar of the water. The rocky creek bed creating white water and white noise.

Sinar F, Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f/5.6, Exp: 1/2, f/45, FP4+, Rodinal 1:50

This was an attempt at creating very narrow depth of field using a reverse of the Scheimpflug Principle. I was only partially successful as the background and the tops of the bulrushes in the foreground were sharper than I wanted. I’m not sure why the upper right corner is smeared, but it does give the photo a “turn of the century” look.

Sinar F, Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f/5.6, Exp: 1/500, f/8, FP4+, Rodinal 1:50

I’ve never shot with a view camera wide open as I used it most often to photograph small product and table top where f/16-f/64 and multiple pops of the flash were more the order of the day. I wanted to isolate the bulrushes in front of the flowing water.

Sinar F, Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f/5.6, Exp: 1/125, f/5.6, FP4+, Rodinal 1:50

The ice and snow capping the rocks was interesting to me. It was like the last of winter hanging on to an island of rock. I wanted to capture the rapidly melting bright white ice in contrast to the foundation of the rock and the flow of the water.

Sinar F, Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f/5.6, Exp: 1/8, f/64, FP4+, Rodinal 1:50

This last image is of my daughter. She is starting her first job at McDonalds and she was trying on her uniform. I shot her using only the north light from the window. I admit I didn’t do the most thorough job spotting and dusting.

Sinar F, Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f/5.6, Exp: 1/2, f/45, FP4+, Rodinal 1:50

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