Another 365 Project – Day 0

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Crossing against the light.

I thought today would be a good day to start a 365-day project. For those not familiar with this kind of project, it is one where a photographer posts one photo a day. I’m hoping this will motivate me to update my blog a lot more frequently. There are no set rules aside from posting everyday and one is free to determine the parameters. I am using a zero-based numbering system because I often write computer programs in Python.

For my project I intend to post one photo a day and in the case of a digital photo, it has to be shot that day – no cheating and using past images. I have a stable of cameras and my plan is to shoot with a different camera each day. On a film camera day, I will also shoot with a digital camera to post that particular day and I will post the film photo one week after shooting the roll.

I will be rotating the cameras as follows:

  • Monday: Fuji X-Pro2
  • Tuesday: Leica M6 or Nikon FM2 (film) / Fuji XT-10
  • Wednesday: Leica M
  • Thursday: Leica M9
  • Friday: Hasselblad (film) / Fuji XT-10
  • Saturday: Sinar F1 (film) / iPhone
  • Sunday: Open

As I also shoot events such as cycling I will use whatever camera system I happen to be using instead of what’s on the schedule.


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